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5 Tips for Making the Switch to Green Beauty

Many people find their way to green beauty from similar paths; pregnancy, a big life change, a bad skin reaction, an illness. For others, it’s learning what’s in their mainstream cosmetics, or being fed up by the cosmetic manufacturer’s marketing machine and craving something effective that is simpler and more natural. 

Green beauty has come leaps and bounds in the last few years, and many top green products find themselves amongst the industry giants in magazine spreads, celebrity beauty closets, and ranked among the top luxury brands in beauty award categories. Green isn’t granola anymore, it’s fresh and modern, and that’s because it’s proven to work for any lifestyle.

If you’re new to the green beauty buzz, have no fear. We have 5 tips to guide you through the process of making the big change. 


1/ Get to Know Yourself

It helps to know how green you want to go. Some people are comfortable replacing a few items, while others are eager to do a full overhaul. It all depends on what you feel comfortable with. Think about who you are, your lifestyle, and where you want to go. 

An interest in green beauty can bring about other changes as well. Once you think about what you’ve been doing and your new beauty goals, you may decide you don’t want to wear so much eye makeup, or perhaps you’ve been using a 3-step program as long as you can remember. Maybe you really want to wear bold lipstick, but you’ve been hesitant. Now is when you can decide what you want for yourself and set about doing it. Take this time to think it through and get excited about your new beauty journey.


2/ Start Small

If you’re eager to get started, but not sure what to purchase first, we recommend to start with skincare. You can check out our skincare guide here for recommendations on specific skin types and concerns. If you dig in one or two products at a time, you’ll find that new routine you’ve been craving and won’t be caught off guard by a sudden change in your skin, or crave that moisturiser you’ve used for years. 

It’ll help to know that very often, people find that when they begin greening their routine, they actually need fewer products. Multi-purpose products like balms, lip and cheek tints and serums, can be used where two or sometimes three products were necessary before. Take your time and really figure out what you need, what you love, and what you want.


3/ Test and Try

It’s important when changing cosmetics to know what you’re getting. A new lipstick is easy to buy, but a luxe serum or oil may seem like a big investment. Luckily, we offer a sampling program, which is a great way to try new brands, get to know formulas and textures and how things work before you buy. 

As well, get into the groove of doing at home DIYs. Just because it doesn’t come in a pretty fancy package, doesn’t mean it can’t work wonders on your skin. Honey masks, coconut oil cleaners, and coffee body scrubs might be your skin’s new best friend. Check our blog and follow us on Instagram for tips and recipes.  


4/ Clean Out & Revamp

It may seem like this would be a first step, but it’s best to clear out your old skincare and cosmetics once you’ve tried a few products and know what you like and what to expect. Though you may feel like tossing everything all at once, be mindful that you likely collected the products you have over time, and you’ll want to do the same with green products.

Going green is an amazing experience and process, so don’t rush it. Though if you spot products that you’re eager to have and you feel good about it, then by all means replace your old stash! 


5/ Research, Follow and Get Involved

The green beauty community is full of people like you who are eager to share their experiences, makeup tips, and beauty suggestions. Keep an eye out for websites and blogs (like ours) that will help you along your green beauty journey. Read up on the founders of beauty brands, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and really interact with those around you making the change and talking about it. You’ll find a common thread and unwavering inspiration to make great choices, meet new people and be part of the green beauty movement. We especially love and are inspired by the blog No More Dirty Looks.

Finally, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices, or have any specific questions, reach out and contact us here at Clementine Fields. We’re knowledgable, here to help, and we’ll work with you to select products that will fit your skin type and lifestyle. Welcome to green beauty!

Find us on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to inspire your green beauty journey. We’re here to guide you and share the wonderful stories and products that make up our boutique.

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