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Apoterra likes to keep it simple. They believe that the easiest way to a glowing complexion is to nurture skin based on individual needs. Their products provide your skin with holistic and natural ingredients, so that your body can balance itself out without relying on harsh chemicals that dry out skin and create dependencies. Using a combination of herbalism, aromatherapy and scientific research, Apoterra’s handcrafted products have been featured in Vogue, Allure, Forbes.com and Lucky. In 2016, Refinery29 nominated Apoterra’s Activated Purifying Mask for the “2016 Best of Beauty Innovator Awards”. With fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients, Apoterra provides a simple solution to skincare, providing nourishment for skin to glow on its own. 


Every one of our products is suitable for break out prone skin and will help you age gracefully, but each colour indicates what that particular product is formulated to do.

Red – nourishes + hydrates.  Great for dry skin

Blue – heals dry skin, clarifies + balances.  Ideal for break out prone and/or oily skin.

Yellow – gentle care.  Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Grey – Bath + Body care products

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