Credobags is the long overdue, eco-friendly solution to a bad habit we’ve all been guilty of — using those tear-off-the-roll plastic film bags to bag fruits and veggies. As an alternative, founder Judy Lazar wants to help you develop a “bag habit.” By routinely carrying a reusable bag or two you can take part in Lazar’s effort to reduce unnecessary waste. Credobags is the first North American-made reusable mesh produce bag. Made of sustainable fabrics (organic and recycled cotton, hemp, and organic linen), Credobags offers a socially responsible replacement to wasteful plastic produce bags. Credobags is committed to doing what’s right and they are constantly striving to shrink their carbon footprint it its smallest possible size. They support the domestic economy, sourcing and manufacturing their bags in Canada. Credobag’s eco-friendly initiative has been recognized by Style at Home, CBC, The National Post, and the Food Network. Their bags are stylish, sustainable, and practical, an essential for green living.
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