Chocolate Sun

If you're on a quest for that sun-kissed glow without exposure to dangerous UV rays or smelly self-tanner chemicals, then Chocolate Sun is your holy grail.  The pioneer of the very first all natural, organic sunless tanning solution, Chocolate Sun was founded in Santa Monica by Susie Phillips in 2003, building on her experience running popular sunless tanning studios across California. Handcrafted entirely of organic botanicals and herbs, pure essential oils and all natural preservatives, Chocolate Sun is a truly delicious experience.

"I get a rash from most self-tanners. So I found this great organic self-tanner, called Chocolate Sun. It's a lovely lotion that smells like chocolate and doesn't streak." 

-Actress Kristen Davis

SELF Magazine


"These self-tanners give you a beach-worthy glow without any harsh chemicals!" 

Kiwi Magazine


"Creates streak-free, sun-kissed skin with a plant derived ingredient." 

ELLE Magazine 


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