M.J.'s Herbals

If you are craving a connection to nature, MJ’s Herbals might be the remedy you need. Nature’s gift of botanicals can return you to what is truly important – your radiance and vitality. Each jar of MJ’s potent salve is handcrafted by master herbalist and life-long community and environmental activist MJ Moscowitz in her Brooklyn studio. MJ’s Sicilian grandmother first introduced her to the healing power of plants, which sparked a life-long dedication to helping people heal and reconnect with nature. MJ is guided by an uncompromising ethical code, using only the freshest, chemical-free organic ingredients, making personal connections with her growers and suppliers while enhancing the communities she works with.  MJ’s multi-use, portable, effective balms and salves instantly restore your radiance and reconnect you with your source – our natural world. 


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