Flip & Tumble

flip & tumble founders, Hetal Jariwala and Eva Bauer, met while completing their masters degree at Stanford’s Product Design program.  Accustomed to solving pesky design problems, the duo joined up to find a solution to the problem of shoppers constantly forgetting their reusable bags.  They quickly found that a compact bag you could keep with you all the time could get around this problem.  From this learning, Hetal and Eva developed the 24-7 bag.

flip & tumble is all about making quality products that won’t end up in the landfill. They realized that all products consume material and they consider it a responsibility to make the most out of whatever materials they’re using. For them, that means that a product should definitely work well, but it should also do more. It should be beautiful and bring joy through its use.

Besides creating green products, they try to keep our footprint on the earth a little lighter by operating as a carbon neutral office. Their carbon credits go towards planet-friendly projects such as exploring clean energy and development of landfill gas capture through Carbonfund. flip & tumble is also a certified Green America Business. 

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