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Emmy nominated makeup artist JoAnn Fowler discovered the world of green beauty through her work on The L Word. After actors Mia Kirshner and Jennifer Beals expressed concern regarding harmful ingredients in commercial makeup, JoAnn began to research cosmetic safety, eventually leading her to start her own makeup line, Sappho Cosmetics. This year, JoAnn launched Sappho: New ParadigmNew Paradigm uses the same cruelty and chemical free formulas as Sappho Cosmetics but in sleeker, sexier packaging (still 100% recyclable!). As always, Sappho aims to bridge the gap between natural and fashionable, green and gorgeous, while maintaining 100% transparency of ingredients. Above all, Sappho Cosmetics values respect, and promotes an authentic and age inclusive perspective on beauty. 

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31 results

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