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"Unique, modern, forward thinking but also socially responsible". This was the goal of Kjaer Weis'  Danish born founder, Kirsten Kjaer Weis, and there's no doubt that she's succeeded. By creating a wide array of beautiful, naturally-sourced makeup with only the very best of organic ingredients, Kjaer Weis has blended the often-conflicting realms of environmental responsibility and fashionable luxury to create what can only be described as one of the most incredible organic beauty systems available today. Ingredients which can not be certified organic are wild-crafted or naturally-sourced and are screened to remove any petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, synthetics colours or fragrances. The gorgeous silver cases (made of zamac) look like little jewelry cases. Plus they're refillable!

 Kjaer Weis has a long history of representation in American national and international publications. Special notes on their products are included in the New York Times, Glamour, Vogue Magazine and Elle Magazine. First and foremost in praise come their two headlining products: the rich and glamorous Kjaer Weis Foundation and the always-fashionable Kjaer Weis Cream Blush. These two products have created waves in the fashion industry due to their safe, organic ingredients, and to the incredible health and beauty results they produce. If you have not taken the time to research these two amazing products, let us help you do so today - we promise not to let you down!

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