bkr water bottle

bkr sets the standard

bkr is the bottle equivalent of the perfect t-shirt. It’s super-luxe and soft. It feels right and fits right, it's effortless, and it becomes your staple. You can't just have one and you can’t help but fall in love with it. Owners report that they are "obsessed," "head over heels," and drinking "10x as much water" as a result.

beauty 101
you’ve got to drink water + sleep. it can’t tuck you into bed early. but, this glowing beauty essential will motivate you to drink 10x more water, and love it (like it’s cake).

Tal and Kate created bkr with the inspiration of modern art, minimalism, and the notion that beauty can spark real change. They were influenced by everything they love in life -- sky-high boots, design in Tokyo, Parisian street chic, the not-so-heavy, the small, the pretty, the cool, the calm, the bright, the MoMA, soft white sheets, room service and everything translucent and clean. But most of all, because they believe green products should be beautiful and luxe. They made it from glass because glass is the ultimate green and clean material; it doesn't smell of every drink you ever put in it or leach chemicals, and it isn't a metal camping accessory. They wanted not only a solution to an over-packaged, plastic, disposable world, but a revolution against it as well. So bkr - the soft, clean, bubbly, addictive reusable glass water bottle was born.




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