Age Quencher

The aging process is natural and inevitable. While we may or may not be concerned with the external changes that occur during aging, internal changes that affect our energy levels can alter the quality of our lives. Genetics play a huge part in determining the specifics of each individual aging process, but so does what we put in our bodies. AQ Beauty Electrolyte is infused with essential minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants to help combat fatigue and free radical damage. Dehydration is the primary cause of premature aging, which can manifest in dull skin and low energy levels. Developed by naturopathic doctor, Dr. Holly Fennell, AQ works to hydrate every cell in your body, getting to the root cause of aging. S/ Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Best Health, and The Kit have praised AQ as a simple and effective way to boost vitality and combat the aging process. Their Beauty Electrolyte provides hydration for radiant, glowing skin and naturally increased energy from the inside out.
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