Zoe Organics - Intimate Collection Aroma Oil


100% organic ingredients

Stimulate the senses and indulge in romance with our new Intimate Collection – our 100% organic and all-natural line of aphrodisiac products! Crafted using essential oils known for their ability to inspire affection, awaken arousal, and promote inner peace and confidence.

Our Intimate Collection Aroma Oil is a concentrated blend of luxurious organic essential oils: the sweetness of citrus, warm spice of clove, and decadence of rose and ylang ylang. This beautiful aromatherapy treatment will set the mood for an intimate evening. Indulge in romance!

Directions: Roll oil behind ears, or on neck, wrists or other pulse points (or any other kissable body parts). Breathe deeply, and let the moment take you.

Ingredients: Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil,* a proprietary blend of organic essential oils.*

*certified organic ingredient

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