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Signature Scent Perfume Oil is an intoxicating burst of warm floral notes of rose, jasmine, bright orange blossoms and woody hints of vetiver. Sensual yet not overpowering, it’s signature is yours, as it becomes one with you.

15ml/0.5oz | Perfume oil in glass bottle with stainless steel roller ball

2ml trial size


Davana (flower & leaves) is a sweet, fruity herb redolent with notes of honey and freshly mown hay.  It induces mental peace, positive energy, and can be used to reduce anxiety and fear, and encourage belief in oneself. It’s also a terrific aphrodisiac. 


Rose Otto is an intoxicating full-bodied scent resplendent with warm, deep, floral tones mixed with citrusy, slightly peppery undertones. Rose is often referred to as “the queen of flowers” and has long been recognized for its romantic persuasion as it is a heart and crown opener. Both uplifting and stimulating to the mind, it’s long been used a potent aphrodisiac. 


Orange blossom's exquisite exotic essence is a rich complex floral with deep green earthy undertones. Known for its transformational effects on the mind, body, and spirit, this essence encourages us to stay in both the present moment and our personal power while it helps us manifest our desires. This flower is said to bring good fortune and happiness. 



Vered’s mission is to get to the heart of the matter through her nose. Each scent is a natural remedy to restore our emotions, and promote a deep sense of wellbeing for the mind, body, and spirit. Our perfumes are made with the highest quality organic, ethically sourced, 100% pure essential oils and absolutes that are hand blended into a base of USDA organic jojoba oil. They’re free of synthetic fragrances, colors, pesticides, and GMOs. Committed to your health, the planet, and product quality, Vered strictly avoids any oils that are diluted and synthetically engineered. All of Vered’s perfumes and products are vegan and never tested on animals. You may safely re-apply your VERED organic botanical perfumes throughout the day for an uplifting aromatic experience.


Simmondsia Chinesis Seed (Jojoba) Oil*, Aroma•, Linalool°, Limonene°, Geraniol°, Benzyl Alcohol°, Eugenol°, Citral°, Citronellol°. 


*certified organic/ •aroma-blend of 100% pure organic essential oils/ °naturally occurring from essential oils, absolutes, and CO2’s

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