Tammy Fender - Anti-Aging Treatment Kit

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Rejuvenate and protect mature skin with a customized 3-week supply of Tammy Fender holistic formulations. The selected nutrient-rich blends are brimming with Pure Living Energy that penetrates deeply at the cellular level, replenishing and toning skin, and bringing a fresh glow to the surface.



These products work synergistically to enrich aging skin tissues with essential nutrients, while encouraging circulation and supporting cell renewal and elasticity. Quintessential Serum and Intensive Repair Balm make a powerful combination, providing maximum hydration and a foundation for cellular health.



  • Apply cleansing milk morning and evening, followed by Bulgarian Rose Water. Massage 1 to 2 drops of Quintessential Serum onto skin. Finish with Intensive Repair Balm.
  • Use Epi-peel, a tri-purpose exfoliator, mask and peel, two to three times weekly, after cleansing and toning. Follow with 1 to 2 drops of Quintessential Serum, and finish with Intensive Repair Balm.
  • Enjoy Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil on dampened skin after shower or anytime.




Cleansing Milk

Key Ingredients: Organic Lavender, Fo-Ti

History: Derived from the latin word for "to wash," Bulgarian Lavender has long been revered for its antiseptic and healing qualities.

Physical benefits: Combines the soothing and antiseptic properties of lavender with the astringent benefits of grapefruit to effectively cleanse and decongest the skin while promoting the circulation of chi, leaving the complexion soft and radiant from the inside out

Emotional & Spiritual benefits: Lightness to the spirit and clarity to the mind

Bulgarian Rose Water

Key Ingredients: Bulgarian Rose essence

History: Long honored for its curative and beautifying attributes, it takes 7,000 petals to produce a single drop of Bulgarian Rose essence, making it the most valuable essence of all.

Physical benefits: Strengthens and tones the delicate tissues of the skin, calms inflammation and tightens the pores all while restoring the flow of vital chi, leaving the complexion supple and revitalized.

Emotional & Spiritual benefits: Centers one’s emotional being and reveals love and beauty

Quintessential Serum

Key Ingredients: Rosemary, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Avocado, Frankincense, Bulgarian Rose Oil

History: The ancient Frankincense oil has long been used to heal dry skin and inflammation, while additionally helping to heal depression and mental fatigue.

Physical Benefits: Fights visible signs of aging; forms a barrier on the skin to protect it from losing moisture; strengthens collagen; regenerates skin cells; maintains skin elasticity; reduces wrinkles; soothes and maintains the integrity of skin; and protects skin from UV rays.

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits: Calms and centers the mind, heals depression and mental fatigue, and strengthens one’s inner energy, enabling love to radiate from the inside out.

Intensive Repair Balm

Key Ingredients: Chamomile, Helichysum

History: Helichysum is prized for both its medicinal and psychological benefits, making it one of nature’s most valuable substances.

Physical Benefits: Originally created for Tammy’s post-op clientele, the formula repairs tissue damage and assists in the healing of surgical and acne scars; strengthens weakened capillaries and fades under-eye circles; aids in reducing tissue pain, redness of the skin and discoloration; stimulates new cell growth, increases elasticity and tightens the connective tissue; and regulates the flow of chi as well as the flow of blood, helping to dissolve clots.

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits: Restores and renews the soul


Key Ingredients: Rosemary

History: Native to southern Europe, Rosemary has long been known as a symbol of vitality.

Physical benefits: Removes the accumulation of dead surface cells, refines the pores and eliminates impurities as it brightens and polishes the skin with a blend of rosemary, lavender, spearmint, kaolin clay, and micro-granules; increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen into the skin.

Emotional & Spiritual benefits: Enlivens the spirit and empowers the mind; stimulates clarity and flashes of intuition.

Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil

Key Ingredients: Rose Hip Seed Oil, Bulgarian Lavender

History: with a versatile array of healing benefits, Bulgarian lavender is considered a “cure all.”

Physical benefits: nourishes, protects and increases the flow of oxygen to the cells via a blend of Bulgarian lavender as well as some of nature’s finest nutrient oils.

Emotional & Spiritual benefits: evokes equanimity


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