S.W. Basics - Baby Wash


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Ingredients: Glycerin, Rosewater, Calendula Water, Tea Tree Oil, and Rosemary Oil

Formulated with only 5 ingredients, S.W. Basics Baby Wash is about as gentle as a cleanser can be. Made with only rosewater, calendula water, vegetable glycerin, and tea tree and rosemary oils, it's totally non-foaming, so it gets rid of the day’s dirt leaving skin clean and moisturized. Fewer ingredients means you know exactly what you’re putting on your little one’s skin. Next to rinsing with water alone, it’s the simplest way to wash.

How to use: Shake well. Gently massage a quarter-sized amount onto baby's wet skin at bath time, or apply with a warm washcloth. Rinse with warm water. Follow with Baby Butter. (Avoid eyes. Recommended for babies age 3 months+.)

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