Osmia - Spotless Blemish Treatment


A surprisingly powerful blend of essential oils combats bacteria and diminishes blemishes, while evening primrose oil prevents over-drying and heals the skin.  Unlike most acne solutions, this serum does not strip the skin of its oil, and does not leave blemishes flaky and crusted while healing.  Used early and often, our natural acne treatment is very effective on blemishes even before they come to the surface fully, often preventing them from surfacing at all.  The Spotless Blemish Treatment has a very pleasant, lemony scent (and no tea tree oil), making it a pleasure to use. *Formerly known as Spot Treatment

For: All skin types.  For extremely sensitive skin, do a patch test on the inner arm first to check for any adverse reaction.

How: Apply to blemishes 3-5 times a day.  Do not apply this serum to the entire face - only to pimples!

weight: 0.16 ounces

ingredients [*=certified organic ingredient]

organic evening primrose oil and essential oils of lavender*, cajeput*, lemon*, parsley, thyme, cypress*, and rosemary CO2* (*organic)

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