Nudus - Dirty Diana

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i’m ready to take on anything that life throws my way. a tribute to a legend, Michael Jackson, who left an incredible mark on the world. a strong, confident and bold colour. are you ready to leave your mark?


lipstick benefits

a unique handcrafted lipstick blended with certified organic ingredients. beautifully pigmented with ancient ayurvedic bioactive colour extracts, leaving your lips soft and deliciously hydrated.

key benefits

• vitamins, A, B, C, D, E and K
antioxidants, including pomegranate, raspberry and kiwi cold pressed oils
• 27 active natural ingredients, helping against environmental stress
• colours made from flowers, fruits, herbs and minerals
• free from parabens, petro-chemicals, lanolin, hydrogenated oils,
fd&c and lake dyes, nano-particles, gmo, pesticides and fungicides
• not tested on animals
• gluten free

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