Living Libations - Radiant Love Butter


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Living Libations’ Radiant Love Butter is a delectably melting, melding, love liniment. At last, a massage crème that glides, slides, smoothes and soothes the passions of your skin. This luscious, creamy treat for body, hands, hips and lips may be used during massage, as a lubricant (not latex safe), and even as a leave –in hair treatment that is particularly beneficial for curly hair. Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, describes Radiant Love Butter as “The best love-making lubricant I have ever experienced.”

The organic and potent, nourishing botanicals found in Radiant Love Butter are: 

Vanilla Essential oil

Cinnamon essential Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil

Cacao Butter 



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