Living Libations - Air Purifying Breathing Mask (limit of two per customer)


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Living Libations Air Purifying Essential Oil Breathing Mask filters and purifies your breath in style.

The organic cotton mask, accented with vibrant vintage fabric on the outside, pleasantly protects your respiration from smoke, smog, dust, pollen, and airborne bacteria and viruses. Infuse with your favorite essential oils, the mask bathes each inhalation with potent lung-loving and sinus-saving plant power.

The pleated cotton fabric snuggly covers nose and mouth and secures with elastic and a loop so you can adjust the mask to your face. Simply dab a drop of an essential oil on the inside ply and don the mask during airplane travel, bike rides in smoggy cities, dusty spring cleanings and long strolls in high pollen seasons.

After wearing, swish the mask in the sink with cool water and soap, rinse and line-dry.

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