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Credobags Mesh Produce Bags for fruits and vegetables are the practical option for the Zero Waste lifestyle. Reuse these bags at the grocery store or farmers’ market – to replace plastic single use bags. Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing an option that is sustainable- reusable and recyclable. Credobags is the only company in North America manufacturing this bag.

Contains 4 produce bags.

• 100% Cotton Mesh (Natural)

• Washable

• These bags replace filmy plastic produce bags

• Mesh design allow cashiers to easily identify contents of bag

• Convenient drawstring closure

4 pcs/ pack

Size: 2 medium: 10” (w) x 12” (h) /25 cm (w) x 30 cm (h) / 2 large: 12″(w) x 15″(h)/ 30cm (w) x 38 cm (h)

Color: Natural


These bags are made of 100% untreated natural cotton – please allow a reasonable tolerance for shrinkage (8 -10%)


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