Makeup Adviser: Finishing Touches

On to the final touches: setting makeup and touching up lips.


  • Make sure everything is blended. Check along the jawline, around the nose, the temples into the hairline, and that both eyes are evenly blended if you’re wearing shadow. Check for flecks of mascara too.

  • Set your makeup. It sucks to take the time in the morning to apply some foundation and colour only to hit the ladies at noon and wonder where it all went. Set it so it lasts.


It has a very vintage vibe to it, but finishing with a fluff of a brush and a dusting of powder is practical. You want your look to last. Whether you choose pressed or loose is up to you, but take a minute to follow through with this last step. You don’t have to of course, if you’re rocking a tinted moisturizer and a lip and cheek balm on a summer day then rock on, but otherwise, a touch will make a difference.

Keep a light hand here, and use a big brush – don’t use the same one you used for foundation or blush. You don’t want to see any powder, the goal is to set, and to take the edge off any excess shine.



It may seem counterintuitive to put lips in the finishing section, and even after powder? Well, there’s a method to what we’re doing here. Lips really finish the face, and often it’s best to apply your lip after you’ve set the rest of your makeup. You want to keep stray bits of lipstick off your powder brush for one, and when it’s the last thing you do, you can choose the kind of lip you’re going to do.


  • Axiology Organic Lipsticks are vibrant, plush and go on so smooth. The library of colours has something for every skin tone and mood.
  • Ilia Beauty Satin Cream Lip Crayons have a more relaxed vibe than their lipstick counterparts. A little softer, and really great for blending.
  • Ilia Beauty Lip Gloss. Lip gloss doesn’t get much lip service these days, but a slick swipe of a tint can look fresh and youthful.
  • Olio e Osso balms are hydrating, nourishing and offer a light wash of colour. Keep one in your bag at all times.  


Makeup can also be set by misting with a hydrator. It’s great for warm days when you don’t want your makeup to run, or if you’re not into powder. If you’re using a mist to set, apply it after your lipstick.

Mist gently and let the water evaporate. Bonus, the mists here can be used in your skincare routine too!



For most days, tossing the lipstick you’re wearing and a powder in your bag is enough to make your look last all day. But when it comes to being on the move for longer, trying to corral all of the many products together for a weekend trip or a summer-long getaway can be a challenge. Our ideal? Everything together in one palette. That’s why we only have one item on this list. It’s our fave. We LOVE this customizable travel palette.


  • Kjaer Weis The Collector's Kit Palette is the most elegant and beautiful way to carry your clean and green makeup. Select your preferred shades and pop it in your purse or luggage for a quick touch up at the office or anywhere in the world you end up!





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