Makeup Adviser: Colour & Definition

Now that your face is prepped this is where the fun begins. You can apply your colour and highlighter in whichever order you feel like, or whatever suits your mood. There are no rules for colours either! If you’re feeling coral blush and blue shadow - it’s cool – do you! The most important thing is that you blend well (we can’t say it enough), and that you
feel good.


  • Take a step back. It’s important to get the details, but if you spend the entire application with your face nearly touching your mirror you can lose perspective. Your brows may look perfect up close but from a foot away they might look pretty intense. Try to remember to move back a bit to take in the whole picture.

  • Start with a light hand and layer instead of adding straight from the tube. If you’re using brushes always tap off the excess before putting on your face. You can use the back of your hand as a palette like makeup artists do, and try using your fingers to pat and blend.

  • If you do happen to apply too much of something, don’t try and wipe it all off right away. Take a damp sponge and blend away as much as you can, or spot treat with a q-tip and a little makeup remover. 

  • Clean brushes and tools make for a better application. Every week or so give your brushes a good cleanse. You can use a brush cleaner or gentle shampoo, just remember not to get the ferrule wet. (That’s the part the holds all the bristles together). Soap can weaken the glue and loosen the bristles. Place wet brushes on the edge of a counter with the bristles hanging off to dry overnight.


Colour on the cheeks can have a dramatic impact on your look. A bright pink blush can wake up tired eyes and even make you look happier. A touch of highlighter in the right spot along the top of the cheekbone can make skin look fresh and glowing. And a touch of bronzer across the cheeks and just above the brow can feign a sunny vacation - without the sun.

The best advice for blush, highlighter, and bronzer is to use two at max: A touch of blush with a stroke of highlighter is nice, the same with a little bronzer and a bit of colour. All three and it becomes more about the makeup and less about you.

Try not to get too carried away trying to contour and redefine your face - it almost always looks fake and harsh.




  • Kjaer Weis Dazzling Bronzer blended across temples, cheekbones and “wherever the sun naturally hits your face” is a quick cheat to that vacay glow.


The eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say. And how you dress your peepers is up to you. these days, nearly anything goes: the old adage that smokey was for night, and a basic brown for day has been tossed.

However, most of us are aiming for a subtle and natural look and so there are a few things that can help you get it right everytime:

  1. Layer with the lightest shade first.
  2. Then add the medium. Keep this to the crease (the fold in your lid) and below (down toward the lash line). A quick tip to remember: darker as you get closer to lashes, lighter as you get closer to brows.
  3. Apply liner last. It fills in the gaps and adds a heaviness to the lid. If it’s hard to get a straight line, simply pull the outer corner gently to stretch it, tilt your chin up and look down into the mirror.
  4. Practice makes perfect.







  • Defining: Ilia Beauty Mascara has you covered for a natural look that defines each lash without too much coat.


We could raise an eyebrow at the ups and downs of brow trends over the years. We plucked them down to skinny arches in the 1990s to revolt against the big 80s brow, only to see the trend turn back to the wide, full, and filled in trend of today.

However, the brows you were born with might not be exactly what the trends dictate. Best case scenario: all you have to do with your brows is give them a little brush. Worst? It’s been a life-long struggle to get them to even look the same. Don’t fret. The number one thing to remember with brows: they are sisters, not twins. Here are some solid brow tips: 

  1. If you have thin, wispy, uneventful brows, put the tweezers down and grab an angled brush and a pomade or powder (cream to powder works too) that is exactly the same shade as your brow hairs, or slightly lighter.
  2. Then, using quick little strokes, move through your brow starting from the inside to deposit the colour. Try to follow your natural brow line.
  3. Step back from the mirror and assess. Repeat. Until you are happy with the outcome.
  4. If you feel you’ve gone overboard, take a q-tip and go along the outside edge to remove anything awkward.
  5. Great brows for not-so-great-brows takes lots of practice. And the right tools.





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