Q: Why can I only buy 5 samples at a time? 

A: We are proud to offer practically everything we sell in sample form.  Samples allow customers to try products before purchasing them, helping them to determine whether a scent or makeup shade is to their liking, or to see if they have an adverse skin reaction.  Samples are designed for 1-3 uses. We feel this is enough to get an idea of how the product works, looks or smells.  It will NOT be enough to appreciate the full results of a product. This is not the intention. Most products need to be used for three to six weeks to really appreciate their impact.

Samples are time consuming to put together, and they’re not free for Clementine Fields (we purchase the testers required to prepare samples as well as the vials and containers we put them in). Due to the cost and the time it takes to prepare, we must charge for samples and limit them to 5 per order. We try our best to keep the cost of samples to a minimum.


Q: I only ordered a few samples. Why do I have to pay $8.99 in shipping? Couldn’t they come in an envelope? 

A: Many of our sample containers are made of glass and are easily crushed in a padded envelope. Even our small tubs and tubes are often damaged when we have sent them in envelopes. To prevent breakage and leakage and the need to ship all over again, we use our smallest boxes to protect the contents. We understand that it may seem unfair to pay $8.99 to have a few samples shipped to you, but considering the time it costs to find a store that carries a product you are interested in, driving to that store, paying for parking to try out that product, $8.99 seems a small price to pay for the convenience of having it delivered to your door.  Many of our customers spend over $85 to qualify for free shipping and, at the same time, add some samples that they are interested in for their next purchase.


Q: Why can’t I return products that I have already opened? 

A: This is precisely why we have our sample program. We are trying to avoid the inconvenience of buying a full sized product, only to find that you don’t care for it. As a retailer who is interested in green beauty and the environment, we feel that this practice would be wasteful. Cost also plays a factor; there may be large chain stores who can afford this kind of policy but as a small Canadian business, we cannot.


Q: I forgot to use my promo code. Can you apply it afterwards? 

A: We love offering promotions in a myriad of ways at Clementine Fields. However, once an order has been fulfilled, we cannot apply discount codes retroactively. Not all of our codes have an expiry date though, so hold on to them and use them for your next purchase!

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