Clementine Fields Videos

At Clementine Fields, we love bringing you videos that explore the products we carry. Hopefully, we will be able to give you a little more in-depth knowledge and appreciation of our wonderful selection.



New colours from Kjaer Weis!                                                               NYC fashion week with Yarok Hair and W3ll People makeup



 La Bella Figura Makeup.                                                                      Elizabeth Dehn Body Oil,  Studio 78 Blush, Suntegrity Tinted Sunscreen



 DIY Mask with Graydon Moffat                                                             Graydon skincare



 La Bella Figura - Modern Radiance Concentrate                                 La Bella Figura - Jardin de Fleurs Skin Revitalizer



 Yarok Haircare                                                                                     Canadian Favourites - Graydon and Crawford St.



 Tata Harper                                                                                          Chocolate Sun, Vered Organic Botanicals, Kahina Giving Beauty



May Lindstrom, Graydon, Lulu Hair Powder                                          Our bloopers!

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