Lotus Wei

Wei is Mandarin for 'transformative action' and every product by Lotus Wei has a tangible positive effect on the mind and body. Founder Katie Hess traveled the world in search of a way to help people experience more happiness and when she discovered flower essences, she knew she had found her calling. She was amazed at their incredibly transformative effect, working through the body’s acupuncture meridians to revitalize and bring balance.


Collecting her own flower essences from wild forests, the desert, and organic gardens, Hess incorporates them into each of her luxurious products, supporting people in their daily lives to experience more happiness, calm, and clarity.

Experience them for yourself or pamper your loved ones with her flower essence mists, perfumes and delectable Wei Chocolates, and watch the magic unfold around you.





Transformative Action from Lotus Wei on Vimeo.


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