M.J.'s Herbals Calendula Salve


MJ’s Herbals® Calendula Salve is an exceptionally effective remedy for dry skin and skin ailments.

Although our Calendula Salve is strong in action, it is gentle on the skin & ideal for baby skin care needs. 


Calendula salve is incredibly versatile and makes a perfect skincare balm for everyday use, for the face, lips and under eye area. A small dab on cotton is a non irritating, soothing and safe eye makeup remover which moisturizes the delicate under eye area and eyelids.


Great as a pregnant belly balm, baby diaper area care or for all purpose baby skin care.


1 oz, and 4 oz


Ingredients: Calendula Blossoms* vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) in a base of olive oil*

and unrefined propolis beeswax.


*Certified organic


Directions: Apply calendula salve freely to affected area.

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