Alexis Smart Flower Remedies

Flower essences are remedies used to bring balance to various emotional states. Alexis Smart has been featured in publications and magazines worldwide and her remedies are truly incredible. In a technique created by renowned 1930's physician and bacteriologist, Dr. Edward Bach, flowers are harvested from Britain and Wales, soaked in water and sunshine until the water is impregnated with the power of the plant, producing the powerful flower essence. The remedies are harmless, non toxic  and they are akin to acupuncture or homeopathy in terms of a philosophy of treatment. 

Alexis Smart discovered the practise as she attempted to deal with some personal emotional issues that she was having difficulty overcoming. A practitioner of Bach Flower Remedies worked with her over a three week period, after which Alexis abandoned her long held negative patterns. She was inspired to learn everything she could about flower remedies and subsequently she created her own remedies for an assortment of concerns. A few drops under the tongue can enhance confidence, focus, calm, energy, motivation, better sleep and clearer skin. The drops are taken on a daily basis or when the emotional need strikes as they can have an immediate effect. 

(please note: apart from the First Aid Kit for Kids and Goody Gum Drops, the remedies contain certified organic brandy.)


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