Alexis Smart - First Aid Kit for Kids


**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.**

(Alcohol-free in a pleasant tasting vegetable glycerine base. Safe for infants.)



  • Emergencies
  • Trauma
  • Teething
  • Travel
  • Inconsolable


  • Fast-acting
  • Calming

*Please avoid taking more than one formula at a time, as it lessens the effectiveness. (First Aid Kit is the exception and can be taken at any time.)


Pick the formula that most relates to your feelings and emotional state overall, at the moment. If some of the symptoms listed do not pertain to you, the formula will still be effective in treating the symptoms you do have. An inappropriate remedy will not hurt or cause adverse reaction.


Take 4 drops under the tongue every 10-15 minutes until effects are noticed.

*May be applied externally to injuries, burns, bruises, bites and rashes. Dilute by placing 4 drops in 4 oz. water and mix. Soak gauze in liquid and apply compress to the skin or attach soaked bandage with tape.


Organic vegetable glycerine, spring water, flower essences of: clematis, cherry plum, crab apple, impatiens, rock rose, star of Bethlehem, walnut



"First Aid Kit is my saving grace! Thanks!"

— Amy K., Mother of twins, Los Angeles, California

"I am a one hundred percent believer in First Aid Kit. My son never needed Tylenol thanks to this remedy. He loved It and it made his teething days pain free. It’s a must have in your medicine cabinet."

— Jazz Monroe, Los Angeles, California

"I admit, I believe in Western medicine and I’m skeptical when it comes to natural treatments, but I was given a gift of First Aid Kit when I gave birth and I brought it along with me to my twins’ 1st year vaccinations. Afterwards, my poor darlings were crying their eyes out. I remembered my bottle of First Aid Kit and gave them each a few drops and within seconds they
immediately calmed down. Thank you, Alexis Smart! "

— Eleni, mother of twins, Los Angeles, California

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