Winter Skincare: Redness & Dryness

Winter is a tricky time to navigate for skincare. Changes in temperature and moisture means that your usual skincare routine probably isn’t cutting it. Try as you might, covering up redness and dryness with makeup only makes it worse (and doesn’t always work). If you’re having a tough time with red and/or dry skin this winter, you’re definitely not alone. We’ve put together some tips and recommendations to help soothe your skin.

First things first: why does our skin hate winter so much?

When temperatures drop, so does the moisture content in our skin. The cold constricts blood vessels, limiting blood flow and moisture retention. Add some wind chill into the mix and you’re in for some serious dryness. In an attempt to heat us up, our bodies send blood to the surface of the skin, dilating capillaries and, you guess it, causing redness.

Youthful skin recovers pretty quickly from both redness and dryness, but as we get older, capillaries don’t close up as quickly, and changes in skin texture and composition make recovery from red, dry skin a little bit more of process.

Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you keep redness and dryness at bay.

Tips for Redness and Dryness 

For starters, use less hot water. Try to keep showers short and temperatures reasonable. It’s always tempting to warm up in the shower or bath after a winter hike, but it won’t do you any favours when it comes to redness. Hot water dilates blood vessels. It can also damage the lipid barrier on your skin, compromising skin hydration.

Using less soap can help as well, and you should get rid of any skincare products with alcohol in them. Both soap and alcohol strip skin of necessary oils, throwing off the natural balance of your skin. When this balance is disrupted in the winter - right when our skin is experiencing frequent abrupt changes from the cold outside and the hot inside - skin gets dry and stays dry.

And finally (this one is pretty intuitive), MOISTURIZE! 

Recommendations For Dryness

If dryness is your problem, we’ve got you covered. Some of these recommendations may have slightly heavier consistencies than your summer skincare products but trust us, your skin will thank you.

Zoe Organics Cream is a winter go-to, especially if you’re into skiing or snowboarding. The Cream acts like a protective barrier against the cold and soothes skin that been irritated by wind chill.

Like the Cream, the Skin Savior by One Love Organics protects skin and locks in moisture. It’s intoxicating scent of citrus and vanilla keeps energy levels up and boosts your mood, perfect for winter’s short days. Bonus: the Skin Savior doubles as a makeup remover and cleanser!

A great way to wash your face without stripping skin is oil cleaners. If you remember our blog post about them, you understand why (and if you haven’t read it, give it a look!). We love the Best Skin Ever by Living Libations.

For the rest of your body, we’d recommend any of our body oils. All of the oil blends we carry use various antioxidants and plant based ingredients to heal chapped skin, making it stronger and softer. Some of our favourites are the Revitalizing Body Oil from Tata Harper, Sweet Orange Neroli Body Oil from Meow Meow Tweet, and the Osmia Organics body oil series.

Recommendations For Redness

Now that you’ve disposed of all your skincare products containing alcohol (or at least locked them up until the spring), here are some tips for redness.

Get your antioxidants! Products with antioxidants in them will help to repair skin, keeping flare ups to a minimum. The One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum and the BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil from Pai Skincare will give you a good boost of antioxidant power.

Look for products containing lavender, grapefruit, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, and rose. All of these ingredients have been known to counter redness and soothe inflamed skin. A few applications of the Nectar Vital Rose Drops by Osmia Organics, should keep redness at bay. The Redness Rescue Cream by Fitglow Beauty and the Sea Aster and Wild Oat Serum from Pai Skincare will also do the trick.  

Finally, get your hyaluronic acid to help calm skin. Tata Harper’s Creme Riche is the answer to your redness prayers. Typically, within two to four weeks of using hyaluronic acid, you can kiss redness goodbye!   

As always, if you have any questions or need further recommendations, we’re more than happy to help! DM us on Instagram or Facebook or send us an email at

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