We're Celebrating Our 5 Year Anniversary!

They say time flies when you're having fun – and these last 5 years have whizzed by! Five years ago, on Earth Day 2013, we launched Clementine Fields and we're so glad we did! To celebrate, here's a quick Q&A with founders Ingrid and Tom. 


What's your favourite thing about running Clementine Fields?
We feel like we are making a positive change, encouraging people to pay attention to what they are putting on their skin and how it affects their health. It’s also great to work together as a couple. When we first started the business, we knew that it was a bit of a risk! That much time together could have created a lot of stress in our marriage but it turned out to be the best decision we could have made. Creating Clementine Fields together has been extremely fun and rewarding.  


What drives you to do what you do every day?
There is a lot of difficult, negative news that we all read about everyday. One can end up feeling overwhelmed and helpless by it all. So, it’s gratifying to feel like we are actively helping people (including ourselves) to make positive, healthier choices in their lives.


What are you most passionate about?
Ingrid: I'm passionate about health, the arts, the environment, children’s health and their privacy in an increasingly digital and technology-based world.

Tom: On top of Clementine Fields, I have also been an actor for 25 years. I love working in all mediums, building roles, and stretching my creative side. Outside of work related activities, I love traveling. I especially love Costa Rica where we have been going for many years now.


What is your most memorable moment in the last 5 years of running the business?
There have been so many memorable moments. Traveling to Los Angeles and Chicago for the “Night for Green Beauty” events was awesome. We have relationships with so many fabulous companies and to be able to hang out with many of the owners and creators of these fantastic products was really fun. But mostly, we often talk about various emails or phone conversations with customers. We have received some truly beautiful emails from customers thanking us for our service, our care, our products. That really makes us feel special.


You started this business with very little business or e-commerce experience. Why do you think Clementine Fields appeals to so many? 

We are very grateful for our growth. We are both very detail oriented and we want to create an experience for our customers. We also pay attention to what our customers want. We are often emailed about certain lines or products that people want us to carry and so we pay attention to these requests and often bring in lines because of this. 

We also have a wonderful staff who care a great deal about green beauty and the environment. They do an amazing job and most of them have been with us since the beginning.


What's ahead for Clementine Fields?
We are expanding our lifestyle program which we are really excited about. We are also launching a new makeup line and a few new skincare lines!!


Thanks Ingrid and Tom!

* To celebrate this Earth Day weekend you receive Double Glow Points all weekend long! And all orders over $100 receive a free travel size of one of our favourite products. *



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