Trick or Treat: A More Enjoyable (and Healthy!) Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, ready to pop out and say boo! But, if you're spooked about this candy-obsessed occasion, we have a couple of suggestions on how to make Halloween a more enjoyable (and healthy!) experience for the whole family.

Put the focus on the experience (and not the candy).
The overwhelmingly junk-food fueled focus on Halloween can really take away from the real fun of the whole thing: spending time together with family outdoors – in costumes! Teach the little ones that the goal isn't a pillowcase full of the sweet stuff, but to enjoy the entire experience: from choosing a costume (a good time to teach them about healthy role models) to getting dressed up with friends and siblings, to getting to experience the collective joy of a neighbourhood decorated for celebration. When everyone is in the moment, that's when memories are made.

Bake a sweet (and healthy) treat for kids (and grownups) to eat when they get home.
Counting out the candy is part of the deal, but when there's a warm and healthy treat fresh out of the oven, plastic-wrapped junk food loses some of its appeal. A slice of warm pumpkin bread or some creepy apple characters might do the trick to get the focus off of eating copious amounts of refined sugar.
It's also the perfect opportunity to teach the young ones what mindful eating is and what it means. There's likely no better time to explain food as nourishment and how, when and what to indulge in than when there's a bag of mass-produced sweets sitting on the table with their name on it.

Use this as a teaching experience about creativity and traditions.
Creativity can be found in all aspects of Halloween. Choosing a costume, creating it, getting ready, decorating. There's also a whole history behind why we do this in the first place. Teach kids about the meaning behind the celebration and share with them stories of your past Halloween adventures. Create new family traditions to continue each year and have them give their input.

And, of course, patient grownups, treat yourself!
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