Top Products for Keeping Your Hands Clean

As more of us slowly venture back out into the world, protecting ourselves is now very much top of mind.

It’s normal after months of isolation, lockdown, and staying inside, to feel scared and apprehensive, unsure and unsafe about venturing into the world again. If you are one of the many essential workers* that the rest of us owe so much, the sudden influx of people into your workplace might suddenly have you on edge too.

The one thing we can do in addition to wearing face masks and respecting the two-metre distance between each other is to wash 👏  wash 👏  wash 👏 our hands!

Here’s our list of soaps, hand sanitizers and hand creams to keep your mitts clean and smooth, and to keep you and everyone around you protected.

Hand Sanitizer
First up, the new “must-have” of 2020 and beyond. These days, it’s wise to carry hand sanitizer with you at all times.

Wipes are a new necessity to keep in the car or in your bag when doing errands.

Hand Wash
Since we’re all doing it all day now, we may as well be using a product that delights us with clean ingredients and an uplifting scent. Keep a pump bottle next to every sink in the house to make sure everyone is washing their hands every time.

Hand Cream
To attempt to rectify the consistent hand-washing, you’ll need a hand cream or two (or three) to keep skin smooth and hydrated.

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*From all of us at CF, we’d like to give a shout out to the essential workers: Thank you so much for your work in this crazy time. You’ve made our lives better and safer because you showed up. 



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