Tips for Self-Isolation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As we’ve watched the world slowly shut down and react to COVID-19, and as the situation still unfolds around us, we're starting to see how much we rely on others and our local businesses. We also realize that staying at home in self-isolation can be fun, scary, lonely, boring, exciting, all at the same time.

Don’t worry, however you’re feeling, we have some tips to help you try and make the most of self-isolation.


It’s tempting to keep refreshing the news and to stay informed, but self-isolating can also be a time to lay low and take care of yourself. Catch up on some sleep, spend time on self-care, and try to relax and stay calm as much as possible.

There are plenty of opportunities to make the most of being at home, even if you’re adjusting to working from home for the first time. Sending emails all day? You can do it while getting a glow with a hydrating face mask. Have time for an extra-long lunch break? Do a midday mani. Take moments throughout the day to stretch or practise yoga, journal, or take a much-needed nap.


Start a New Project
An interesting note is making it's way around on social, that in times of hardship, humans look to art and artists to get through. Netflix is full of entertainment, and will always be there for non-stop streaming, but think about turning your attention to creating a new creative project when turning on yet another series seems boring. If you need inspiration, there are hashtags on Instagram trending for just this cause, like #quarantineartclub, a series of mini art assignments you can participate in.

If you have kids at home, get out the creative supplies and start a family project. You can find lots of great ideas on Pinterest and Instagram for what to work on.


Take Care of One Another
Now, more than ever, it especially important to reach out to your friends and family. Call and Facetime to help others that are feeling isolated and may be dealing negatively with the restrictions. Stay in touch as much as possible: Humans need each other.

For friends and family that are hourly workers and might be worried about the impact, the shut-downs are having on them financially and emotionally, consider ways you can hire them and pay them, or continue to pay them even though you might not be able to receive their services. For example, have a friend in the service industry? Now is a good time to take her up on her offer to design you a new business card. Cancelled your cleaning service, but know your cleaner depends on your business? Pay her anyway (if you can). Kindness will keep the heavy impact from hurting the community too harshly. Shop online locally and support businesses that are really going to feel the impact of closing for a couple of weeks. 

Most importantly, stay safe, wash your hands, and keep surfaces clean to stop the spread of germs. Stay informed with your local government regulations. 

If you have any questions for us, please contact us.



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