Tips for Longevity & Graceful Ageing

Ageing gracefully is about getting to know and love yourself, and the key to longevity is to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Here are six ways to embrace an abundant life to live and age as beautifully as possible – inspired by our favourite latest read, Dan Buettner's The Blue Zone.


Connect with a Community. There is no doubt that human connection is a basis for a healthy and well lived life. Our social connections, friends and family provide a support network, share and teach us, and help us problem solve in life’s toughest moments. The presence of people we love to spend time with is super important to growing older happily. So make sure to spend time reaching out to the ones you love, getting together, and sharing special moments.



Get Outside. Sunshine and fresh air do wonders for our health. And getting outside usually means increased activity; whether it be gardening, walking, cycling, or sailing, mountain climbing. So make an effort to get outdoors and move your body as often as you can. 


Eat Well. This one is a given. A healthy diet packed with fresh, organic vegetables and fruit, increase vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to stay healthy and function optimally. Oranges and fruits like berries that are high in Vitamin C eaten regularly, are known to have an effect in staving off disease like cancer, heart disease, and stroke.



Laugh and Smile. A positive attitude can go a long way for longevity. Laughter relaxes blood vessels and can lower blood pressure, reducing the chance of heart diseases. And, some think that it increases the number of disease-fighting cells in the body. Keep an open mind and don’t take life too seriously – it’s for your health!


Find Faith. Inner peace can come from belief in a higher power – knowing that some things are out of your hands can bring a sense of relief and contentment and take the pressure off. No matter what you choose to believe, a connection with the greater good can bring light and positivity into your life, and often comes with a community and support network.



Rest. Take it easy. Always be sure to get enough sleep, so that your body can reset and recharge. Burning the candle at both ends, and overworking wears on your body - plus it often means missing out on all the other good stuff.


Ingrid's Tried and true tips for ageing on your own terms.

Ingrid recently celebrated her 48th birthday and is sharing her favourite tips for maintaining a fresh look and approach on life.


Sip tea all day. There are so many beautiful types of organic green and herbal teas. Many are high in antioxidants, rejuvenating properties and healing powers. We all know we need to drink lots of water but studies have shown that drinking warm water detoxifies the body and helps to repair skin and is good for elasticity.


Unplug. Let's face it, technology can cause burnout and stress and stress leads to illness and premature aging. I love going for walks without my phone and really paying attention to the world. When I go away I purposefully take out my SIM card so I only work at very specific times at my computer. As my lovely friend pointed out, it's a self care issue. For yourself and for your family, if you can, go tech free sometimes!!


Clean skincare. I of course believe in using safe products externally on our skin to nourish our bodies and souls. It feels so good and healthy to use products that are made in smaller batches by artisans who care deeply about our well being. Everything has energy, even skincare. And I truly believe it benefits us in the long term to use natural products made from ingredients that the earth supplied and ones that aren't filled with pesticides and chemicals.


Amen <3 :)

What a beautiful post! How refreshing to read thoughts about ageing and care that have absolutely nothing to do with a compulsion to remain young or conform to prescribed beauty standards. More of this please!

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