The Wilderness of Wyoming Inspires A New Beauty Line

Wyoming is a special place for me, not only because it's where my adorable nephews live. An almost perfect rectangle, south of Alberta and then Montana, there is no place where the sky is more blue, the air more clear and the ever-changing landscape more captivating. In one day you can travel from an ancient red rocks canyon to a sagebrush plain to a wildflower-strewn mountain valley to a glacier-fed turquoise lake.

My sister and her wife, both wilderness guides, live in a small town at the base of the Wind River Mountains, a seemingly unlikely place to raise two little boys in a modern family. Divergent politics aside, Wyoming is filled with the friendliest people I have ever met. It’s not uncommon to have to reroute your drive to make way for a Stetson-wearing cowboy ushering his herd down the street.

My sister got married at the foothills of the Winds. Her wife rode up on their white mare, painted with well wishes from their ranching neighbours. Mustangs who once roamed wild, now live in their back pasture and take them on pack trips into the mountains. Neighbours drop in with fresh eggs from their farm and new puppies to play with.

When I come to visit, I have to take three airplanes and drive for hours to get to their small community. It’s worth every mile. When I wake up the next morning, the backpacks are packed, and we take off into the wilderness, for hiking or backcountry ski trips. I once fell asleep under a canopy of stars, in a cirque basin beneath the Rocky Mountains, their intrepid cattle dog Goose, snuggled next to me.

When I saw Clementine Fields was carrying Alpyn Beauty, a new line of skincare from Wyoming, I had to try it. Anything to connect me to that land and my family there.

The winters in Wyoming are sunny and dry, and the summers even drier. The desert-like conditions in the lowlands and the alpine weather in the highlands require some seriously active ingredients to keep your skin supple.

Alpyn Beauty is developed by Kendra Kolb Butler, an escapee from the mainstream beauty giants, who returned home to Jackson Hole to create her own line of wild-crafted skincare. PlantGenius Line-Filling Eye Balm absorbs quickly and is gentle on my sensitive eye area. Wild chamomile and arnica, calendula, borage and sage top the ingredient list, all herbs that are just as healing for your insides as for your epidermis.

Mica is the magic ingredient in the eye cream as well as in the PlantGenius Survival Serum, giving the potions a pale pink hue, like the mountains at sunrise and sunset. Tiny mineral crystals in mica means the serum blurs imperfections and creates a soft-focus glow. I was excited to experiment with it as a primer under makeup. It worked beautifully, giving my face an all-day dewiness on set. A bonus: it’s not too oily, so it works well in the summer months.

The pretty sage-printed packaging reminds me of my sweet little nephew, named after the sacred plant that grows wild across the state. I love using these new Alpyn Beauty products, not only for their nourishing properties, but for reminding me of my family in the Wild West.



Meet our new Beauty Adventurista, Anna Hardwick

My name is Anna Hardwick. I’m a nature freak, a health nut, a professional actress, yogini, hotelier and world traveler. I am on a constant quest for the cleanest, greenest skincare to soothe my dry, sensitive, Celtic skin. I love exploring Clementine Fields’ beautifully curated skincare lines — they fit my mandate for organic, sustainable and eco-conscious products. I have a low-mai vibe, and dig simplicity. I’ll happily indulge my skincare obsession in the name of dry sensitive skin sufferers everywhere, and share my discoveries with you. Keep in touch with me here or on Instagram as @ladyhardwick or come visit me at The Ferg, my inn in Prince Edward County.


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