The Power of Lipstick with Axiology

Lipstick is more than simply colour swiped on the lips. A seemingly simple product can take a look from casual and pretty to deep and vampy. Lipstick can lift your mood and change your perspective. Take it from someone who knows: Ericka Rodriguez, founder of Axiology. We asked her about launching her company and her thoughts on the power of lipstick.


I started making lipstick in my kitchen after discovering the cruelties of animal testing and animal-derived ingredients in the cosmetic and personal care industry. This discovery led me to be more conscious of which products I was supporting and ultimately using. At the time, there wasn't a lot of vegan brands out there that also took natural and organic ingredients into consideration. If I did find a vegan brand, oftentimes the ingredients weren't natural or the colour selection and packaging didn't speak to me as a twenty-something living in New York City.

I believed I could make a lipstick line that encompassed all my ethics and would have stellar performance as well as colour selection. I started experimenting before and after work and quickly became dedicated to accomplishing this goal. Two years later I finally created the perfect formulation.

I believe confidence and high self esteem is fundamentally internal. However, lipstick can give women a boost. I know when I put on a certain colour, I feel either powerful, brave, creative, or upbeat. I think lipstick can reflect our moods and take them to a greater degree. Lipstick is wonderful in this way.

I am not big on matching your outfit or your skin-tone with your lipstick  I usually just choose a colour based on how I want to express myself that day. How are you feeling or how do you want to feel? We will have a lipstick for that!


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