The Goodness of our Be Well Bundle

We’ve wanted to create a beauty bundle for awhile.

A box of gorgeousness where you could try products you might not have tried before.

Then came Covid 19.

We know there are a lot of people who need some extra care and comfort so we decided to go with a bundle of beauty that helps to soothe and calm, that helps to make you ‘be well’. We are so happy to be able to provide the bundle at a cost of $40 (with a value of $62) to our cherished customers. 

We adore this box of goodness and the brands that worked on this with us.

Consonant Skincare’s Bath Bombs are the perfect stress reliever and are super fun to use and create a fizzy and muscle melting bath. Wait until you try their Creamy Hand Cream! It’s our best selling hand cream right now and with it’s beautifully creamy texture, your hands will be so happy.

Crawford Street Lip Balms soothes dry lips with nourishing shea butter, while moisturizing jojoba oil to leave lips soft and supple.

Living Libations Open Eye Sky Serum is another CF bestseller. The devoted gaze of this cooling, rejuvenating dew soothes the eye area, brows and pineal gland. Puffiness, fine lines and dark circles fade away. You can even use it all over your whole face and neck for a sweet revival of the skin and senses.

Wyld Skincare’s Seas The Day Creamy Gel Cleanser has become our new favourite. We love the gel like creamy texture and our skin feels plumped, clean and hydrated.

Leaves of Trees Calm Balm relieves headaches, boosts energy, releases tight muscles and helps you to breathe easier. Keep it in your purse for those moments when you need to promote calm and relaxation.

We are so thrilled to be donating $10 from each box to Dancing With Parkinson’s. An incredible organization that provides dance classes to people living with Parkinson’s. And now they are offering free online classes to ALL SENIORS across the country to keep them active, healthy and connected. We have followed Dancing With Parkinson’s over the years and we have seen first hand how special this organization is. Please let your seniors know about this so they can participate in this very special daily event.

Here are a few questions with their founder, Sarah Robichaud.

Why did you start Dancing With Parkinson’s?

I started DWP in 2008 because I wanted to bring seniors with Parkinson’s disease out of isolation and into an artistic community where they could connect with others in a safe fun and expressive environment. Where they could celebrate with their body could do and find joy in their movement and benefit from the cognitive physical and emotional attributes that Dance has to offer.

When Covid 19  hit and we had to close our doors to our 15 locations, we quickly pivoted and started offering free online classes for all seniors, even those who do not have Parkinson’s disease, so that all seniors across the country would have an opportunity every single day to connect with others stay active and engaged and help combat the feelings of social isolation from others.  

Why is it important right now?

We now have hundreds of seniors taking the daily free online dance classes with us and they are telling us that it is an incredible way not to feel isolated during these unprecedented times. It’s helping to improve their moods and energy and most importantly they have something to look forward to that is fun every day.

Purchase the Be Well Bundle HERE.

Keep dancing everyone..thank you.


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