The Beauty of Simplicity and Ritual: Advice from May Lindstrom

Skincare doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, May Lindstrom says it shouldn't be. While May Lindstrom Skin might be as decadent as you can get when it comes to skincare, the idea behind May's products is simple: self-care and self celebration. May loves nothing more than a good ritual, a moment to breathe and truly enjoy something that is just for you. Her advice for those new to self-care skincare? The Pendulum Potion. Learn about May's Pendulum Potion rituals for deeply cleansed, nourished skin, and a happy heart.
You've mentioned that you have highly sensitive skin, which is what led you to become a formulator and ultimately launch May Lindstrom Skin in 2012. What advice would you offer someone struggling with sensitive and reactive skin?

First, take a deep breath - several - and give yourself some love. My skin goes wild when I've been neglecting my own care and pushing too hard. It's been a great reminder to "walk the walk" and really invest in my own wellness.

Ultimately, I believe in simplicity in skincare and know that this is what works for me on pretty much every level. While I have given an incredible amount of attention to designing products for this collection that create a feeling of decadence and celebration, my very core is as basic and grounded as it gets. Beauty truly does come from within and I know that without a healthy body and spirit, our skin suffers.

I learned pretty early on that using even the simplest of common products (even basic soap or lotion) just wasn’t an option for my own personal body. In order to not have constant pain in my skin, I had to adapt an entirely new language of care. Ultimately, this is what led to my becoming a formulator. I believe our skin has the ability to heal itself if we let it. Sometimes our role is to get out of the way! It is our responsibility to provide abundant nutrition and hydration and to be gentle in our care. By limiting our exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme treatments, we open up to gentler methods. I build each of my products on the same philosophy and ingredients that have been treasured and shared by women all over the world since the beginning of time. I trust in earth's bounty and the wisdom of those who came before me.

May Lindstrom Skin definitely evokes a feeling of luxurious self-care. Beyond producing visible results, how do you think skincare routines and products benefit individuals?

I believe deeply in the power of ritual, in the importance of self-care and igniting our relationship with our skin and the romance of ourselves. This is my number one beauty priority. I truly feel that if each of us approached the care of our skin with this much passion and joy, our worlds would transform. Our lives are hectic and filled to the brim with responsibility, challenge, and conflict. We pour everything into caring for each person around us - our teams at work, spouses, children, social organizations and so on and so on. But when do we get fed back? When do we take time to simply breathe and indulge in something delicious just for us? The answer all too commonly is next to never.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of ritual, setting daily reminders to take time out and indulge in ourselves. I am very much a romantic and I believe that the greatest love story begins with yourself and overflows from there. Each of my formulas was developed to feel so incredibly special that they would undoubtedly become a catalyst for unlocking decadent bathing rituals, creating the time and space for the personal connection you deserve.



For a first time user, what rituals would you recommend for using the Pendulum Potion?

It is so much fun to discover something new! The Pendulum Potion is always revealing new layers so this exploratory process feels infinite - it's the ultimate multi-tasker and has quickly become a staple in my ritual for both morning and night. I literally use The Pendulum Potion from head to toe every single day.

As a cleanser, The Pendulum Potion melts away makeup effortlessly, easing congestion and stagnation and indulging your skin in decadent, silky caresses and a sultry scent experience. To experience The Pendulum Potion, make a small pool in your palms, pressing together and inhaling deeply. Massage gently into your dry skin, focusing on areas of congestion, heavier makeup, and environmental debris. Wet hands and continue massage and then place a warm, steamy face towel (mine are coming soon soon soon!) over face and neck, hold, rinse and repeat until skin is soft and cleansed, gently sweeping upwards until all oil is removed. Complete with a final rinse before moving on to your hydration step. Your skin will feel plump and happy, and never tight or stripped.

You are also welcome to indulge in this beauty as a last step, allowing the goodness to drink right into every inch of your entire body after cleansing for beautifully nourishing, antioxidant-rich hydration. As I wanted every single ingredient to be vital for the skin and compatible even if left on, I opted out of an emulsifier that would typically need to be washed away. You can enjoy every drop of this goodness! The Pendulum Potion is the very best body and hair oil, great drizzled in bathwater, and ideal for a grounding, restorative massage.

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