Tammy Fender - An Inside Look

This month we're shining a well deserved spotlight on Tammy Fender, in celebration of her exquisite contribution to the green beauty industry. Tammy's work is rooted in the philosophies of natural healing and holistic medicine. Each product is an expression of its natural ingredients. In a sense, Tammy Fender provides a link to nature, fostering a deeper connection with the world around us.

The divinity of Tammy's work has been captured and distilled in a series of short films directed by Paul Austin of the Austin Advisory Group. Austin himself is a fragrance industry leader and expert, who's artistic focus is centred on the beauty, skills ,and cultural traditions that serve to inspire specific brands, products, and niche industries. Founded in 2009, the Austin Advisory Group does not create stories. Rather, they strive to "reveal the craft, characters, and untold stories" behind brands individuals have grown in love.

We have posted two of Austin's films below. Both pieces were produced by Academy Award winner Tamara Rosenberg and are accompanied by music from Olivier and Clare Manchon. These short films encapsulate the honesty and gentleness of Tammy's spirit, the expanse of her talent and knowledge, and magnificence of the plants that have served as her inspiration. 

"A Natural Touch" emphasizes Tammy's own connection to the earth and her belief that the "true self" is accessible through nature. Both Sarah Brown (Contributing Editor, Vogue) and Jean Godfrey-June (Beauty Direction, GOOP) praise Tammy for the integrity of her work and her pioneering contribution to the "slow beauty" movement.

In "Inside Nature's Pharmacy," Austin takes us to one of the sources of Tammy's inspiration: the Berry Region of France. Tammy visits the medieval gardens of Chateau d'Ainay-le-Vieil, where monks cultivated medicinal plants as early as 1497, and Orsan Gardens, an expansive, modern-day Garden of Eden.

Our March Promotion is a travel size Tammy Fender Lavender Body Oil, free with a purchase of $125 or over. We'll also be giving away Tammy Fender samples all month long. If you haven't experienced the quality and luxury of Tammy Fender, now is your chance!

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