Summer Beauty Checklist (COVID-19 Edition)

It's here, it's here, Summer 2020 is finally here! We're making the most of the warm weather, as we keep our safe distance, explore locally, and feel the hot golden rays of the sun on our SPF-protected skin.

Here's a checklist of clean and green beauty goods you'll want to reach for all season long.

  • LaSpa Naturals Moisturizing Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30. A moisturizing mineral sunscreen for sensitive skin. Keep skin smooth and protected with this new formula created with essential oils, plant materials, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Non-greasy means that glow is all you, baby.

  • Suntegrity Trifecta Power Mist with HOCL. Spritz and spray all day with this hydrating toner, instant refresher, and after-sun mist.

  • 100% Pure Hand Sanitizer Spray. Speaking of spray, Summer is no exception to the take-it-everywhere with you rule we now live by. Spritz your hands, your face mask, anything that needs sanitizing - with a refreshing hit of Tea Tree and Aloe.

  • John Masters Scalp Exfoliating Scrub is made with sugar cane & Tea Tree oil that help clean the scalp, ridding it of build-up and clogged pores. Though an exfoliating scrub doesn’t seem like standard-issue haircare, it’s surprisingly effective. Use it pre-shampoo every other day for a couple weeks, then once a week, for best results.

  • Odacité Soap-Free Shampoo Bar. People are loving Odacité’s new soap-free shampoo bar. Feel like you’ve tried all the shampoo bars and been left wanting? Like everything else this beauty house creates, this bar is a winner. It cleans hair without stripping natural oils, for a ‘do you can let dry in the sun.

  • Still can’t get a mani with your favourite pro? There's always DIY! With these new shades from ALIA: Don’t Be and You’re Not Your (read the reasons behind the names in the descriptions), you can have a cute pedi all summer. PS: Don’t forget to message your manicurist and tell her you miss her.

  • Beuti Skincare Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser Flash Mask is a a gel-balm-hybrid featuring fermented Pomegranate. This ingredient acts like a gentle glycolic acid to exfoliate and cleanse skin, perfect for removing sweat, makeup and sunscreen after a day out and about in the sun.

  • Seeking a clean and green scent that smells natural and sophisticated? GiveScent’s got you.



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