Spring Words from Tammy Fender

This month, to celebrate our Tammy Fender Promotion, we have a very special guest post from brand founder, Tammy Fender!


The springtime brings such a powerful surge of regenerative energy rushing in along with it—so much so that many centuries ago the great beauties of the day used to rise at dawn in order to collect the first of the season’s dew to wash their faces. But just what magic did the spring’s dew hold?

Spring’s verdant energies are those of wild, green growth—both dewey fresh and tender, but also unstoppably forceful. Imagine all the power it takes to transform a seed into a sprout, and a sprout into a full fledged bud or bloom. What we can pull in from the rhythm of the season, and from the world all around us at this time of year is that tingling, thrilling sense of expansion and renewal.

"Imagine all the power it takes to transform a seed into a sprout, and a sprout into a full fledged bud or bloom."

In my many years of practicing holistic healing, I’ve found two lush flowers, in particular, work so well when combined to bring spring’s sweet, vibrancy to the skin—Lavender and Rose—and our seasonal protocol, centred on these two beautiful blooms, is designed to utterly renew the complexion. First, Cleansing Milk with Lavender and Fo-Ti, gently detoxifies and rebalances. There is nothing more soothing or more nutritive, and I love the way this blend cleanses without over-stripping. It leaves skin soft to the touch and softly glowing. Then, I recommend clients follow with Bulgarian Rose Water, which is pure rejuvenation. This formula is brimming with pure Essence of Rose, which has the power to strengthen weakened skin and to repair all sorts of damage at the cellular level—it’s exquisite, and it promises beautiful results.

At the same time, awakening the senses with these two blends—each so lightly and delightfully scented—is the perfect immersion into season. Even if you can’t meet your ladies-in-waiting out in the meadow at sunrise to collect the dew, I do hope you’ll join us in celebrating spring, and its beautiful renewal, in this way.

When you spend over $200 (pre-tax), you will receive a travel size of the Tammy Fender Cleansing Milk and Bulgarian Rose Water!! Just write 'Tammy' in the notes section at checkout.



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