3 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Self-Care

Valentine’s is all about love, giving love sharing love, celebrating love. And while the one-dimensional restaurant and chocolates thing has thankfully given way to a more inclusive celebration of friendship, camaraderie, and indulgence, we’re here for you if the love you crave this year is some self-love. Below you’ll find our recommendations to treating yourself to some self-care no matter if you have a weekend of you time, or need to squeeze in a way to feel cared for on the run.

Weekend Home Retreat
If you have some spare time on Valentine’s weekend to really treat yourself, this whole-body relaxation routine is for you.

After Work
When you get in from a long day, self-care often tends to the easier slide of the scale; a little Netflix and a glass of vino usually does the trick. These products are a little less maintenance than a spa-at-home day but can pack a healing self-care vibe all the same. Think of them more of an at-the-sink routine, with products you can use while you do other things like make dinner or finish Derry Girls

No time to indulge in a full bath and pampering sesh? No problem, here’s a shortlist of products you can sneak into your regular routine that won’t add any extra time to your already tight schedule.



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