Q&A with Dr. Sarah, Founder of Osmia

We're excited to bring you this quick Q&A with Dr. Sarah Villafranco of Osmia Beauty on her new product: Water Body Oil. In 2012, Sarah founded Osmia with a simple mission: to energize people to engage in their own wellness through skin health and sensory experience. Sarah now hopes to create sparks of joy that inspire meaningful change. When people experience a gorgeous soap, a velvety body oil, or a nourishing lip balm made with effective, wholesome ingredients, she imagines a tiny seed is planted. "I can have a positive, joyful effect on my own wellness, every day." She says.


Hey Sarah, tell us about Osmia's Water Body OilWhy do you think the scent is so grounding? 
Water Body Oil is made with a beautiful combination of vetiver, juniper, and galangal. Vetiver essential oil is made from the roots of vetiver grass, which is often used for erosion control because the stabilizing roots go 2-3 feet deep into the ground. It is a sweet, earthy, rich scent that has a similar stabilizing effect on the spirit. Juniper essential oil has a stress-relieving quality, and galangal (also called ginger lily) is fresh and uplifting. 



How would you most effectively use it to reap all its gorgeous benefits?
I like to apply it to my wet skin while I’m still standing in the shower, letting the scent swirl around in the leftover steam as I inhale deeply for a few breaths. The vetiver will last hours on the skin, so I’ll sometimes sneak a sniff of my arm later in the day to catch a whiff of the rich, sweet aroma again.



What are you doing to stay grounded right now?
Meditation and exercise are my two core tools for staying grounded at the moment. It’s just such a strange time, and I don’t think any of us can escape the stress and worry that accompany this unique time in history. But with regular exercise and meditation, I’m keeping them at a manageable level most of the time. Oh, and I’m reading tons of fiction to keep imagination and hopefulness alive.

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