Q&A with Kjaer Weis on The Beautiful Oil

Kjaer Weis has just released their latest creation: a luxe facial oil that not only hydrates and moisturizes skin, but responds to skin's needs on an intuitive level. Sound too good to be true? We asked them for more details and they shared what makes this oil different than the others, and why it's so special. As it happens, we also tried The Beautiful Oil, and it lives up to its name. It is absolutely beautiful.


1. What's the story behind creating this luxury oil?
It was a natural next step for us to step into skincare now that we have a substantial makeup line in place. The Beautiful Oil is a first for us in the skincare category and we will be building it out over the years with additional products.


2. What makes this oil different from other natural oils available?
Our oil is certified organic. It’s a beautiful blend of high quality organic oils and what really sets it apart is the combination of the root, Dioscorea Batatas, that we’ve been able to infuse into the oil. Dioscorea Batatas has been used for medicinal purposes in ancient cultures from China to Ancient Greece and it was originally discovered in the early 20th century by Rudolf Steiner. Our manufacturer in Italy found a way to extract the essence of the root and it is now infused into our oil, which intends to activate this inner vitality and awaken the skin’s natural light. We have combined this with our nourishing blend of Rosehip seed oil, sweet almond seed oil, olive oil, and jojoba seed oil to create The Beautiful Oil.


3. Which type of customer will benefit most from using this product and how is it best used?
It’s best used as a moisturizer on its own, morning and night. It is also a perfect primer for our foundation. It really works on anyone, all skin types and all ages. The benefit for having tested this oil over a long period of time while formulating is seeing the extraordinary effects on the skin. It’s almost like it intuitively knows where to focus its healing properties. Whether it’s dry skin, sun damage, irritation, it has an intuitiveness to it where it goes in and heals whatever issues your skin is having.




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