Product Picks for the Beauty of Ageing

Anti-aging: what does that even mean? We’re all getting older, and very aware that stopping the clock is entirely out of our hands. Besides, why would we want to stop time just for the sake of a few well deserved laugh lines, or expression-filled wrinkles? We wouldn’t. Like the ever beautiful rose, we enjoy each passing day and can live with the impressions Mother Nature designed just for us.

When we really think about it, the idea of anti-aging skincare is the opposite of what we believe. We believe that all women – no matter what age – are beautiful. We also understand that women of all ages want to take care of and pamper themselves. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to do just that. Here are our favourite products perfect for mature women (of any age for that matter).  And they’re all under $50.


Suntegrity Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
Often as we age, the damage the sun’s rays has taken on our delicate skin begins to appear, so we reach more quickly for sunscreen. Not hoping to undo what’s been done, but to actively prevent more harm to our delicate skin. This sunscreen is the perfect antidote. Boasting organic ingredients, and chemical free, make sure there’s one on your vanity, for you know, vanity’s sake.


Graydon Berry Rich Cream
It’s what creams are made of. This all Canadian brand uses oils sourced from the seeds of canadian berries. Full of vitamins A & E, omega fatty acids and most importantly, ellagic acid, which is a natural phenol antioxidant that aids in constricting/minimizing the appearance of blood vessels/capillaries. It’s a key choice for dry and sensitive skin.


Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil
There’s a reason women everywhere consider this the best oil ever. It’s great impact on the skin is due to high levels of Trans Retinoic Acid that delivers Pro-Vitamin A to help with skin’s natural repair. Ideal as part of a nightly routine, apply after cleansing so it can work its wonders while you sleep.


Living Libations Cell Serum
All beauty routines can benefit from a natural serum. This one? It packs a cellular punch. Cinnamon and turmeric work in tandem to activate cells into recharge mode. That means reduced inflammation so skin is smoother and softer. It’s what we’re all after.


Consonant Skincare DHE Mask
Masks are delightful. Take the time to treat your skin to a rich dose of  215 million year old asteroids. You read that right, it contains Manicouagan Clay from those very asteroids, which lucky for you, are rich in minerals. Simply apply, wait and relax (Netflix time, anyone?), then rinse for brighter, healthier skin.


Consonant Skincare Ultra Firming Eye Cream
Eye cream isn’t always about trying to undo what’s happened or get ahead of time, it’s about giving the delicate skin around the eyes what it often needs: love and hydration. Patted gently under the eye area and all over the lid, this natural oil packed cream wakes up eyes and lifts dark circles so that your beautiful peepers can take centre stage.



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