Perk Up with Alli Chung and S.W. Basics Orange Blossom Water

This post comes from customer and actor Alli Chung. You might recognize her from her role as Detective Taylor Kim on CBC’s Coroner, or from her previous reviews for us. This time, Alli tried SW Basics Orange Blossom Water and shared her thoughts on it. 


Use: Morning and Night, and sprits whenever you want a refresh

How much: Just a mist before my toner or after your make up has been set

Real Talk Review: Simple and pure, a lovely addition to any routine. Also great to have around as a pick me up.

: (there is only one!)

Distilled Organic Orange Blossom (Neroli) Hydrosol: Fruity and Citrus this mist is uplifting and has been used in aromatherapy as a mood booster. Orange Blossom Water is not actually made from the oranges you’re probably thinking of. It’s made from the blossoms of a Neroli tree (aka bitter orange). Neroli Hydrosol, known as Orange Blossom, from the distillation of Citrus aurantium var. Amara is one of the most versatile of hydrosols. As a skincare product, it offers astringency which is great for oily, and acne-prone skin types. Its moisturizing properties are also great for mature skin. Aside from being an excellent toning agent on the skin, it has said to have positive effects on mood. Its psychological impact is unsurpassed for its calming and soothing properties, especially with anxiety. 

Worries be gone! Fresh Glow Welcome! 

The lovely floral water comes in a small glass bottle, which is easy to throw into a bag or keep in your car. The natural scent is uplifting and nourishing. With its soft floral and citrus fragrance, this mist is an inexpensive way to experience the wonderful benefits of Neroli at a fraction of the cost of Neroli Oil.

All-in-all this simple product is sure to keep you feeling fresh and light, as well as delight anyone who smells you!


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Alli Chung is an actress currently based in Vancouver. Canadian born, she is of Swedish, Irish and Chinese descent. She has made guest star appearances on TV shows such as Amazon’s The Bold Type (2019), Hulu’s UnReal (2018), and most recently wrapped a major recurring role as Detective Taylor Kim on CBC’s Coroner (2019). Other acting credits include Syfy’s The Expanse (2016) and Dark Matter (2016), A/E’s Damien (2016), FXX’s Man Seeking Woman (2016), YTV’s The Stanley Dynamic (2014), Showcase’s Almost Heroes (2011) and Lost Girl (2010). She also appeared in the infamous horror series SAW 3D. She can be seen in a lead role in the highly acclaimed film, Mariner, which was an official selection for TIFF 2016, was one of TIFF’s Top Ten Shorts in Canada, and screened in the shorts corner at Cannes Film Festival 2017. Alli is interested in giving a platform to underrepresented voices, diverse filmmakers and artists. Alli’s unique look and talents have seen her morph into many different comedic and dramatic roles.
Follow Alli on Instagram @alliashleychung

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