Our Guide to Your Perfect H20 Glow

Splish Splash! It’s mid-summer and we’re hitting the water! We’ve got the products you need for your next wet and wild adventure, whether it’s the pool, the beach, or the lake. Dive in and check out our water-ready recommendations.

Location: The Pool

The Goal: Dress to Impress

There’s no doubt that a day around the pool requires a little bit more of planning. There’s the choice of swimwear (tasteful, colourful, elegant, but fun), hair (done, but still going to look good wet), and accessories (trendy but not try-hard). We want to look prepped but not too prissy, posh and playful. So we like to keep our look light but still ready for the sun and splashing.


Location: The Beach

The Goal: Decompress

Ah, the beach: Waves crashing, the sound of the sea (or Great Lake for our fellow Ontarians), kids playing, sunscreen in the air, sand in everything. We’ve waited for these days and we are sure as heck gonna enjoy every minute! At the beach, we want to let our hair down, hang with our friends and play in the sand and surf until we’re pooped. Our look needs to read: playful and ready for anything.


Location: The Lake

The Goal: To De-stress and Get Down-to-Earth

An extended weekend at the lake with our best buds is something we never turn down. Disconnecting from our devices and reconnecting with our loved ones feels just about perfect. With our feet in the lake and our minds free to wander, we can wonder and wish the days away. And, of course, we still want to be our best (looking) selves while we’re taking chill to the next level.

  • Still wanting a little hint of colour on toes we like to take it down a notch with a barely-there nude polish
  • Keeping with the nude theme, our makeup gets pared down to the basics with a two-in-one colour cream.
  • For hikes and canoes trips we always have an SPF lip balm on us.
  • And we’re not slamming the screen door behind us until we’ve slathered ourselves in our favourite sporty sunscreen.
  • Keeping hair in check, we smooth a little jellyfish hair gel over flyaways to keep our look sleek and ready to face our next adventure (the woodsy scent is perfect for cottage life)
  • With our gear in a Dans Le Sac Market Bag we’re good to go! 



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