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Early in the year, after the holidays, we take a trip to Costa Rica for a family vacation to refresh our bodies and minds with the warmth of the sun and sea. It’s a great way for us to spend quality time together and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

When we travel, we make a point to be sure that we have the smallest impact on the place we’re visiting. We consider what we take with us and choose the cleanest and most environmental products. Most often, it’s the products we use every day at home!

Here are a couple of our travel-friendly favourites that we are always sure to have in our suitcases.


CV Skinlabs Rescue and Relief Spray
raveling usually means unexpected minor cuts, bites, and irritations. We keep this spray on hand for immediate cooling relief. It’s a major multitasker.


One Love Organics Skin Savior Multi-Tasking Wonder Balm
When away from the array of products we have at home, and in the spirit of packing light, we love products that do more than one job. This super balm is perfect as a cleanser, to gently remove makeup and perfect to moisturize - especially after time in the sun. It also works as a quick spot treatment for dry skin. Pack the normal size in your checked bag or toss the travel size in your carry-on.


U-Konserve Stainless Steel Straws & Baggu bags.
Reducing our impact on the oceans by reducing the amount of plastic that we use is a value we hold dear. Single use plastic is a problem: it’s everywhere and it’s not going away. Plastic is filling up our oceans and landfills and affecting the lives and habitats of animals the world over. We can make a difference, one bag or plastic straw at a time. So we pack washable stainless steel straws and our super convenient Baggu bags that fold up into a square.


Ursa Major No B.S. Deodorant (baking soda free)
Sunny vacations call for a natural deodorant that works to keep us smelling fresh. This one works well in the heat and has no baking soda - ideal for sensitive skin. It’s all natural, unscented and perfect for everyone in the family.




Raw Elements Sunscreen
Sunscreen is hurting the coral reefs. It is a big deal and we all have to be really careful about the role we play in helping or harming our oceans. Raw Elements was developed by Brian Guadagno – a 20 year Ocean Rescue Lifeguard –  and has been rated the #1 sunscreen by Environmental Working Group five years in a row. It’s eco safe and reef safe. Check out
this article in the New York Times for more information on sunscreen and reefs.






All of the items above can be tossed into a beach bag or Baggu so we have them on the go no matter what we end up doing that day: hanging out at the beach or by the pool, strolling along and taking in the gorgeous landscapes, or meeting up with friends to enjoy a meal in town.

We have lots of other travel friendly green beauty products in store. Click the button below to take a look and find your family’s faves! 


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