Our Favourite Fun Fall Activities

Crisp, cool days cast in a warm sunny glow are a seasonal delight. Some of the best weather and most fun outdoor experiences happen in September and October. Here's our list of favourite activities for Fall!

Taking the Fam to the Farm
Farm days are a super great way to spend weekends with friends and families. What better way to spend a beautiful crisp day outdoors than getting lost in a corn maze, posing in pumpkin patches, or visiting friendly farm animals?

Fun Autumn Chores
Home and cottage winter prep has to happen at some point, and there's no better time than a super sunny day when the air is fresh and the clouds are fluffy. Packing up the cottage for the season is best enjoyed with smiles and snacks and a grateful heart for all the good times had over the past summer. Our home gets a bit of a refresh too - we like to clear out what's brought us joy but can now move on and clean and tidy for the new season. 

Local Shopping + Stroll with Friends
When our transitional dressing calls for heavier layers and we come up empty-handed hunting through our closets for cozy knits, we like to take a stroll on our neighbourhood strip and pop into our favourite local boutiques. The company of a couple of our gal pals makes the day feel endless and we round it out with a glass of wine and a little catch-up. 

Jamming and Canning Day
There's another way we like to refer to Fall: Jamming time! Harvest season is all about preserving the goodness and savouring the delightful flavours. There's an open invitation to friends and family to bring their bounty and jam and can the day away. It's more fun when the kitchen is bustling with company assembly-line style. And, when we crack open the preserves later in the season, we get to recall what fun we had creating them.

Rainy Reading Day
All the days can't all be nice outside, so rainy days give us a chance to take it easy and chill. A cup of tea, cozy blanket and we're cuddling up on the couch to get analog with a great read.

Green Beauty Wellness Weekend

Fall weeks are usually so productive that by the time Friday night rolls around we kind of can't wait to roll into bed. We manage our crazy to-do list with an every now and then wellness weekend where self-care gets top priority. A slow schedule of meditation, relaxing baths, green beauty goodies, and healthy smoothies, soups and salads get us ready to take on the week come Monday morning.

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