Our Eco Paradise in Costa Rica

Our secret love affair with Costa Rica…isn’t so secret.

We began visiting Costa Rica, like many people, as a place to escape the harsh Canadian winter for a couple of weeks. But Costa Rica, we discovered, is more than just sunshine and pretty beaches. It is a country that has pledged a commitment to the environment and Pura Vida (pure life).

We first came to Costa Rica in 2014 and immediately fell in love with the gorgeous beach town of Samara. Samara is located on the Pacific coast, in the north west of the country, in the province of Guanacaste. It is teeming with natural splendour; from monkeys, to tropical birds, to sumptuous fruits of all kinds. The beaches are gorgeous and the ocean is like a bath. But none of these things compare to the Costa Rican people. We have made many Costa Rican friends and I am always heartened by their gentle, fun loving spirit and progressive, forward thinking. Costa Rica has banned straws! We all know that straws get into the water systems and are incredibly harmful to turtles and fish. Costa Rica did not study the issue for years or promise to do something about it in 2030, they simply banned them. They are banning all single use plastic next year. Costa Rica is one of the few places in the world with a negative carbon footprint. It is a developing nation, and like any country it is not perfect, but it is striving to make positive changes all the time. Even in our little town of Samara, there is an organics centre!

Costa Rica depends on eco-tourism for its livelihood and it is everywhere. From whale watching, to observing the turtle run, to zip lining, hiking, paddle boarding, surfing…the list goes on and on. Costa Rica has no army, universal healthcare and mandatory education. And lots and lots of sun…..so if you go, wear plenty of sunscreen!

This love affair with Costa Rica sparked the idea to tackle a new project. We built a home in Samara! We found a wonderful local architect, and we collaborated on all the ideas and design for the house. Our local crew were incredibly hard working and detail oriented, and the outcome was amazing. Our home is three minutes to town and the beach. We are up in the hills, overlooking the ocean. It is breathtaking. We call it: La Joya Escondida, which means “The Hidden Jewel”. La Joya Escondida is available to be enjoyed by all. 

If you are interested in renting this beautiful house, we are listed on AirBnB and VRBO and as CF customers we would like to offer a 10% reduction in price for any visit before 2021. If you are interested in visiting Costa Rica this year or next, and would like to stay at La Joya Escondida, please visit our listing on AirBnB HERE, and on VRBO HERE.


Pura vida

Tom and Ingrid


Ingrid and Tom. HOW ABSOLUTELY MARVELLOUS. What an extraordinary accolade to your Clementine Fields and our beloved planet. We will definitely consider a vacation here. We discovered Costa Rica when the children were small. Time to revisit!!!

Costa Rica is #1 in my list of places to vacation to when the kids are older and I love the idea of staying at a place owned by a like minded family! I book marked your beautiful place on both rental sites! Thank you so much for sharing this jewel with all of us!

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