Ocean Health is Our Health: We Need to Save the Sea

When we think of the ocean, our thoughts tend toward fun and leisure: swimming, splashing, sunning ourselves on the sand (with SPF of course), paddle boarding and surfing, whale watching. We dream of breaking away from work and hitting the beach. But below the surface, there’s a whole lot of our carelessness also hitting the beach – it’s plastic and garbage and it’s doing serious damage.

Just as we throw our cares away enjoying the beauty of the ocean, we also thoughtlessly throw massive amounts of mindless waste it’s way. That cup of coffee on the way to work, the second one at lunch, the cup and the straw for that mid-afternoon smoothie, the plastic bag we used when we picked up a few things for dinner on the way home. It’s daily and goes unnoticed: the bottle of water we snagged at the event, took a sip from and then misplaced. And it adds up. When we toss plastic we used only once – for a quick moment in the bin, it doesn’t just disappear. It lasts forever.

Not convinced? Watch this video. Our garbage is suffocating, torturing and killing sea life.

The good news is, we can fix it. We can stop the endless procession of needless plastic and garbage being dumped into the sea putting the lives and environment of marine life at risk. At Clementine Fields, we believe in keeping plastic out of our oceans. And we stock products to help.

What you can do: reduce, reuse, recycle! Buy reusable items made from recycled materials, like coffee cups, stainless steel straws, glass or metal water bottles, and earth-friendly reusable shopping bags. And pledge your commitment to knocking preventable waste out of the ocean.

We can all stop senselessly consuming and ignoring the consequences of our actions. We can do the right thing and start saving our oceans right now.

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